Question pc keep blackout with a pop sound, need help desperately


Oct 7, 2019
it started occurring few days ago when my pc would suddenly blackout. The monitor is still on but the screen suddenly goes dark, and my keyboard and mouse also lose their LED light simultaneously as well. The fan however goes overdrive, and I can't reboot the pc without actually turning off the power supply on the back. It won't reset by simply pressing the power button at the front of the case.

I thought it may be because something is wrong in the bios, so I checked to find that the RAM wasn't at its fullest, running at 2133mhz when my ram is 3000mhz. So I changed the profile to see if that'll fix the problem but it actually drastically worsened it. When I reboot after changing the profile, the pc would keep making popping sound and won't boot at all. After putting the ram speed back down to 2133, it started running properly again, but even so it keep crashing after several hours of run time.

I thought it may be because the pc is overheating so I checked the hardware monitor and noticed that the temperature goes above 70 degrees Celsius during a stress test, and averages around 60+ when doing some intense work. Is that normal? I'm gonna try to get a new power supply and reinstall windows, but is there a different fix to the problem?

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x
GPU: GTX 1660ti
motherboard: x570 aorus elite
ram: 3000mhz corsair vengeance
PSU: 550w 80+ gold