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Mar 25, 2019
Hi guys, last friday night while I was gaming, my pc suddenly restart on its own, and it keep getting restart for several times once the pc turned on.

After several restart, the window starpup repair open up, and I choose to system restore. The restoring process seem doesn't go well, after the system restore, my pc seem cannot connect to my OS system and keep stuck at start up repair screen. I tried go to the system restore again but now the system cannot detect my hard disk C, and the restoration cannot be initiated. I notice my PSU will have some weird buzzing noise sometimes, but it goes off quite quickly.

After several try, I format my harddisk and reinstall the window. It work well at the end, my PC can now start and everything seem ok. But the second day, after i play the division 2 for about 2 hour, it restart again, and again. I not sure what cause the restart at the 1st place. Was it my hardware problem? is it my PSU failure? well i did change my graphic card one week ago, from Nvidia GeForce 1060 3gb to GeForce 1070. My PSU doesn't have sound since.

On saturday i went to the PC shop where i bought my Geforce 1070, i explain what happen, and they said they will try run the game with Geforce 1070 for one day and see what happen (so i open my division 2 account and leave it there). Today i go back to the shop, and they said my PC doesnt restart at all even after running for a day. The screen still shown the division 2 gameplay screen. SO i think should be no problem, went back home, setting things up, and play the game, then it restart again after i play for 2 hour.

Yesterday i reformat my pc again, and after i browsing internet for not even an hour, my pc restart, again. I have run memory diagnostic test, CPU test, HDD test, all of the test have pass. Is it my PSU problem?

My PC spec:
Motherboard: AsRock Z170 Pro4
Core: Intel core i7-7700k
All in one water cooling system
Ram: 16 GB (2x8GB DDR4)
Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 1070
PSU: Armaggeddon Voltron 600 Gold Power Supply Unit
Harddisk: 250 gb SSD + 2TB HDD + 3TB HDD
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