Question PC keeps bsod/blackout with Rx 6600 xt

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Apr 30, 2021
Hi, my system specs are as follows:
CPU: R5 5600x
Motherboard: B550 tomahawk
Ram: 8gb*2 crucial ballistix sport LT 3200mhz
SSD/HDD: 1 tb aorus 7000s + 512gb xpg sx8200 pro
GPU: Msi gaming x 6600 xt
PSU: Cooler master MWE v2 550w bronze
Chassis: Lian li 205
OS: Windows 10 KB5010793

Last month while working (web development) my screen suddenly froze and displayed a BSOD. I couldn't make out the error, as it rebooted in a split second. During reboot windows diagnostic tool would keep crashing while attempting to repair, until I was asked to Shutdown. This kept happening until i decided to reseat the GPU. It booted properly after that but as soon as I opened the browser it happened again. I then decided to swap out the extension cables i had. I replaced only the pcie extension cable with the one directly from the psu. Reinstalled latest drivers using DDU process. After that i never faced the issue for over a month. During that time I didn't play any games. Just work and some photo editing software.
Fast forward 2 days ago, I was in Valorant, mid game I had a crash. This time only black screen. But when trying to reboot, I had the same issue, BSOD as soon as booting. I tried the same method of reseating the gpu and driver reinstallation, with no luck. Thankfully I had a gtx 1660 from a friend that I swapped in. Ran multiple benchmarks so far, no issues. I then tried my personal gpu once again, After 5min of benchmark another crash. These crashes are sometimes black screens and sometimes BSOD, While in reboot i.e windows automatic repair I managed to get a glimpse of the bsod error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. Windows event logs show Kernel pnp error related to code 41. Prior to that it says "Dump file creation failed due to error during dump creation". I've already tried fresh windows install, WHQL driver and latest driver versions and disconnected all other peripherals. Still no luck. The only option I can think of is an RMA.

Also note, I spoke with the company that makes the extension cables, they did mention that they received 3 complaints of orders during that same period, where customers had crashes in their systems. They say it was a bad batch of wires probably. Once they sent replacement ones to those users, the users didn't have the issue. I had used the gpu only for 3 weeks before installing the custom sleeved cables. But as I mentioned after the first crash I swapped them out with the original psu cables but I still had crashes.
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