Question PC keeps crashing and freezing to gray/black screen


Feb 1, 2015

I’m getting very frustrated with my issue .. My PC keeps randomly freezing/crashing. The problem started while playing CSGO and since then it has gotten worse and now it may just freeze just after reboot. Also, ”broken” screen/particles on screen happens here and there.

Things I have tried:
  • fresh install of Windows
  • new ssd for os
  • have tried another PSU, had zero effect
  • cleaned my pc
  • installed the newest drivers & bios
  • temps are fine
  • voltages seem to be fine as well, not 100% sure
My specs:
CPU - i7 4790k
GPU - Asus gtx 780
RAM - 16gb
PSU - 750W silverstone
MOBO - Asus Z97-AR
OS - Windows 10 64-bit

Image 1 (screen)
Image 2 - gpu chip

I inserted a couple of images, one of them shows one of the ways that the screen can freeze, another way is just gray or black screen, even blue...

The another one is quite interested since if you can see, close to my thumb you can see ”burnt” areas around the black square parts of the GPU chip. Has someone any idea could that cause something like this?

I’m afraid that it’s the GPU... any help would be highly appreciated! :)