Sep 3, 2019
Hi guys I just recently upgraded my PC with new parts (i5 9600k, RTX 2070 super, 16GB DDR4 RAM and gigabyte z370p d3 motherboard. However after playing games (forza 4, battlefield 1, witcher 3) for a varied amount of time the game will crash and so will the computer itself which requires me to turn it off and on. However the game runs perfectly fine.
The PC boots fine, all the fans spin, the temperature for the i5 sits at around 28 Degrees idle to around 45 Degrees underload and the GPU sits at 30 degrees idle to at max 68 degrees under load.
Ive made sure windows is at the most recent update, the geforce drivers have been uninstalled and installed again and all the drivers from the motherboard disk have been installed.
Im confused on what it could be? Perhaps my HDD, its almost 6 years old now and this is where my games are stored so that might be the issue?
Or the PSU its also almost 6 years old now. (Corsair 750M)
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I would use HWINFO, to monitor not only your CPU, but your GPU temps, you will be able to monitor your power supply power curve as well, and yes it could be the issue, the HDD failing would make your PC freeze/crash during gaming not turn off.