Question PC keeps freezing and chasing boot priority after restarts ?

Jul 30, 2021
CPU: Intel Core i5-7600k @ 3.80 ghz
RAM: 16 GB (Dont remember specifics)
GPU: GTX 1650 Super
Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Gaming K
SSD: ADATA SX900 (Don't remember name of my other harddrive)
Os: Windows 10

So after I got home today and had left my PC on accidentally all day. My pc began freezing randomly, almost all programs would occasionally get "Not responding" and my pc would freeze, sometimes it would unfreeze and sometimes not. I tried rebooting my PC only to find my PC would not recognize my SSD at all. This has kept happening now for the past few hours. Once I shut off my pc and booted it up again it would recognize my SSD again. Only to stop recognizing it after the next reboot.

This has been continuing now for the past few hours.

What I have tried;
Updated Windows (No change)
Updated graphics drivers (No change)
Done a quick scan for viruses (No viruses found)
Tried to do a full scan for viruses (Avast stopped responding and my PC froze to the point of having to force a shutdown)

Previous issues;

I used to have issues with my PC possibly overheating (gpu temp was around 60 and currently is at about 46) and bluescreening which would in turn make my pc unable to recognize my SSD.
This was resolved after cleaning my PC and finding a slightly loose plug which I plugged in again.

Any help would be appreciated.