Question PC keeps killing my mice and keyboards. Seeking help from experts!

May 18, 2019
PC Spec:

Intel i5 6500 3.2ghz (not overclocked)
16gb of DDR4 Ram
Asus b150m pro gaming Mobo
Thermaltake 750w Toughpower PSU

The keyboards i have used at first.

ASUS Cerberus Membrane Keyboard. Board Damaged beyond repair from regular use.

Logitech G413 Mechanical. Multiple buttons stopped functioning at random times. At one point, it was unusable.

Its worth mentioning that both these keyboards were subjects to improper earthing\ground. I could realize it when the side metal body of the G413 shocked me multiple times over the days. I had an electrician change my power strip and that seemed to have solved the earthing issue. But my keyboards were dead by that point.

After that,

3) Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro TKL. Has been working well for about a year, until now. Some keys are unresponsive but fixes itself at random times, to show up later once again.


Used G402 for 2 straight years. No problem whatsover, gave it away

Cougar Minos X5, could not use for more than 5 months. Tracker issues, aims at random places all over the screen during fast gaming. Mouse just shuts down for 2-3 seconds during shooting.

Logitech G102. Hasnt even been a month. Same tracker issues as the cougar.

I'm suspecting there's some electrical issue in my PC. Could it be my PSU mulfunctioning? could it be the motherboard ports that keeps on killing my accessories? Do i install an electric safeguard or something for purer voltage? how do i even check which part is the main culprit here. Be advised, i have built this pc with my bare hands and i wasn't grounded, could my mobo be damaged by static? I am really in desperate need for solutions.

Sorry for the long ass post. Will reply with any more information you guys need.
Will appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.


Two things to do:

1) Power down, unplug, open the case and inspect all cables, components, jumpers, etc. Ensure that all are fully and firmly in place. Use a bright flashlight and magnifying glass to inspect around all of the keyboard and mouse ports. Look for signs of damage, bending, crimps: especially where the plugs could end up touching the case frame.

Check inside and outside.

2) Test the PSU: