Question PC keeps rebooting - Might be PSU issue

Mar 14, 2020
Since yesterday I've been having some weird issues with my PC. I don't know if this happenend after an (windows or other) update or something, in any case my PC just rebooted loopwise. Shut it down, and started it, it posted and then nothing, it just kept rebooting. Sometimes I can go into Windows, decided to check the GPU temps and everything was fine at40°C max, then crashed.

I've checked RAM and then GPU. RAM was fine and while the GPU was off, it worked. I deinstalled all drivers of the GPU (GeForce 1070 Ti) and put the GPU back in. Worked without issues and I could easily work with it.

Decided to put the drivers back but once the drivers were back in (tested few versions and specially older versions):
  • PC would still run for hours, even while a demanding game was on, and didn't crash for the whole night
  • Rebooting the PC manually would result in being back in this rebooting loop.
  • Disconnecting the ethernet cable would cause it to looping reboot...
I feel like the PSU might be acting weird. I've checked in the BIOS and the 12V seemed ok I guess (12,128 to 12,228).

I have the feeling and hope the GPU is fine but the PSU might fail when more ressources are demanded?

PSU is : Cougar GX-F 750W
My PC is barely 2 years old (a bit less).

If you have any clues before I get crazy^^. I might go for a Corsair 650W today if the PSU is the issue.
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Before anyone says you have a garbage PSU because it's not a Seasonic...

As you mentioned it could be a failing PSU. Bad/failing board or GPU is another possibility. Some odd borked windows install is also possible. The only real way to test however is to replace each part one at a time and see if the issue goes away. You said it never happened while the card was removed so bad card/PSU would be my guess. Any friends with parts you can test with for a few hours?
Mar 14, 2020
That's weird to say at least. Are your PC properly grounded ? Did you have other PSU before this one ?
PSU is screwed on the PC case and for this system it's the first PSU.

I'm also having Kernel-Power errors in the Event viewer : ID41 - Category 63, if this helps anything.
Unfortunately I don't have a PSU that does at least 550-650 W at home to test and swap out.
But I'll try to organize one to see if it's simply the GPU or not.