Question Pc keeps restarting randomly

Aug 25, 2020
So i did some tests, it isnt ram, it isnt the outlet my pc is plugged into, it isnt temperature, i cleaned my pc. so im assuming its my power supply. My pc will boot up and run games, its just randomly during these games my pc will restart. even event list said that it could be the power supply. but my pc will boot up and run games properly. How can i confirm that it is my psu. and what do you recomend for me to get as a replacement. Case is corshair carbide 275r black.

it appears that nothing else has burned out with the psu as ive heard. Specs:
rtx 2080
i7 8700 @3.20 GHz
b360 aorus gaming 3
2 sticks of 8 gigs of ram