PC keeps restarting

Sep 27, 2018
I was trying to upgrade my PC for the first time... Okay, so I put all of the parts in my pc. Everything seemed to fit well besides my USB 3.0 cable, so I just left that unplugged, and I turned on my PC to see if everything would run, the motherboard, and all of the fans come on, but the ram doesn’t. Then the computer constantly restarted itself every approximately ten seconds. So I thought it was the ram, I placed the ram in every slot, in every combination, but none of that worked. I checked my cables next by unplugging and plugging them again. That didn’t work, so I tried using one stick of ram, that didn’t work. Then after I decided to take both sticks of ram out, that still doesn’t fix the problem. My only thought now is that the unplugged USB 3.0 is the issue, but I doubt that could really cause this problem. The port says USB 3_5_6, and I was constantly trying to connect the cable, but it wasn’t fitting... Anyhow what could it be? Is it my power supply?

My specs are Ryzen 5 2600 with stealth cooler
ASRock Fata1ity b450 k4 gaming
Tridentz RGB 2x8gb
GTX 1060 3gb
2 tb hdd
High Power HPG-600ST-F12S ATX 600W Switching Power Supply PSU
And it’s all in the NZXT Phantom 410

Vic 40


Only connector it wil fit in is under the 24pin connector on the motherboard,one pin is missing so check how you put it in.Don't think this is your problem,just making clear.

Might well be,don't think it's a very good psu,but then again it should work.

Might want to reassemble again,make sure all fits,that you installed stand offs (in the right places). Look at the cpu,make sure it has no bent pins.If you don't have fresh paste for the cpu cooler get that first,is only a few bucks.

Can also try "breadboarding",google it,but means taking the motherboard and other necessary parts out of the case,put the motherboard on the box it came in and put one stick+gpu and of course cpu in also connect to the psu,see if you can get to the bios.So connect to a monitor+keyboard,if you get into the bios/uefi add a mouse.