Question Pc keeps shutting down


Jan 2, 2017
Whenever I play a game called escape from tarkov for the most part i can play it fine solo but if i try and play with some mates it will 100% reboot my pc. Occasionally it will do it when playing solo but no where near as often. Whenever it reboots sometimes it's a real struggle to get it to boot properly as well all fans will spin but I get no display or use of mouse and keyboard. Lights wont come on for the kb&m so makes me think no power going to the usb. It's just strange as I can play every game perfectly fine apart from this one and I've been playing it for the last 2 years without any issues until now any help is appreciated.

My specs are as follows
I5 4590
Corsair h110i cooler
Msi gtx 1070
Asus z97 anniversary edition
Corsair cx500w Psu
X2 hdd around 1tb X1 6tb seagate skyhawk X1 samsung 850 evo ssd 256gb.

I can literally do anything I want on the pc without it being an issue apart from this 1 game