Question Pc keeps turning off stays on for around 8 hours

Jun 7, 2021
im urgent need of help i was playing Minecraft with discord in the backround and that is easy to handle for my pc since my specs are a rx580 a ryzen 7 2700x and 2 x 8 gb of corsair vengeance. hiwever 2 days ago it randomly so after 3 hours of trying to fix it i managed to figure outbhow to turn it on for 30 seconds but then it wojld shut down i would do this by switching power cables. but it still wouldnt get me onto the windows screen login. i managed to figure out that i had to turn unplug my pc llug in a diffrent cord and plug put the psu switch on off and then remove the rams sticks then turn it back on then it would govebme and error on my msi mobo then i would use a diffrent cord turn off the psu by the switch then replace the ram sticks and turn it back on this method would be needed to be used continuously and in the end klmy pc would stay on fkr around 5 hours which is not good at all how can i fix this to have my pc just be on all the time not just turning off by it self and me having to fix it. ive had this pc since septemver 2020 with no issues at all i built it my self. Does any one know how i can dix this or is there and discords or websites i can ask for help in

The specs are :
Psu-500w cooler master
Mobo- msi mortar max
Gpu- rx580
Cpu-ryzen 7 2700x
Ssd-240gb m.2
First you need to fix that keyboard. Its all over the place and churning out way too many characters than you intend to. :rolleyes:

As for the PC, it might be a possibility that it is drawing more power than your PSU can handle on full load. Not sure what quality unit you have there. Try testing with another good quality PSU if you have one handy, or go to a PC store for the same.