Question Pc lagging, problem with gpu?

Oct 18, 2021
So recently I upgraded my mobo to h510m s2h and got an i5 10400f with it. Now after installing everything I booted up and windows was lagging badly. Lag when watching videos or opening apps or searching stuff caused alot of lag. Reinstalled windows 3 times by now and not much difference, even used the cd that came in with the mobo. I opened a previous thread and I did a userbenchmark and it seems like it is saying gpu is the problem as there is no iGPU on the cpu. My PSU is tx650m from crosair and here are the benchmark results:

UserBenchmarks: Game 32%, Desk 91%, Work 29%
CPU: Intel Core i5-10400F - 90.2%
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3070 - 26.7%
SSD: Samsung 870 QVO 1TB - 76.9%
RAM: Adata DDR4 3200 2x8GB - 88%
MBD: Gigabyte GA-H510M S2H

So my question is that how can I fix the gpu not doing everything properly, because I've installed every driver for this mobo using the CD and even the website. Also installed the latest gpu drivers. My gpu was running just fine and now after bringing it to this mobo, it can't even properly open apps or watch videos. From installing gpu, mobo drivers to reinstalling windows 3 times is there anything else even available to get rid of this lag?