Question PC lights up for a second before shutting down in a loop after liquid damage, but was working since after the damage.

Aug 2, 2022
MSI MPG Z490 ATX Motherboard
i7-10700K CPU
Corsair RM750 PSU
Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance (2x8GB) RAM
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD

About a month or two ago, I knocked over a jar of pickles and a few drops of the vinegar leaked through the grate in the top of my case.
I turned the PSU off and unplugged the cable immediately and took my PC apart, unplugging all of the cables and leaving the parts to dry.
The next day, I put it back together again and it worked without any noticable issues.

Since then, I've had problems booting my PC as it would switch on for a split second and then shut down in a loop, sometimes I would hear a click like a switch was flipped in the PSU. All of the lights would turn on but then they would all shut off, not even debug LEDs would show.
Even then, I could get it to run and I wouldn't have the issue until another time - the first time I tried to boot, it would turn off but the second time it tried it would work normally.

Yesterday, I got back from a week long trip and this time it would not start at all.
I ordered a brand new PSU and it seemed to fix the issue again but today it won't start again.

I have tried booting it without a graphics card or ram, and it still has the same response.

It doesn't make sense to me how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and I really don't want to order a new motherboard/CPU.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

took my PC apart, unplugging all of the cables and leaving the parts to dry.
Did you use isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts and their contacts(not the socket pins on the motherboard)? This would've been a good opportunity to use an ultrasonic cleaner to make sure you didn't end up with vinegar residues.

Corrosion on a board can and will alter the behavior of your platform. I had to deal with a motherboard that had a PSU mounted above it(in an old case) which decided to take a leak(literally speaking) whereby the capacitors in the PSU popped and it's contents went all over the motherboard, ram and GPU's PCB. I cleaned it as best I could but the platform is actually sluggish when compared to the same chipset board...and the GPU died just a few days after cleaning.
Aug 2, 2022
I didn't clean it with alcohol, no. Just with tissues so I imagine a lot of the residue remains.
If it is corrosion damage, I think I will get a new motherboard.
Thank you for the help. :)
(Sorry to hear about that old motherboard)