Question PC lights up without display then continuously restarts after 30~seconds.

Apr 25, 2019
Hello, I need help. I am in a huge problem as my lifeline currently in breadboarding state. Started with freezing and wont post, I tought the ram caused it so I tried reseating it, it lived for a half an hour or so then freeze again. But worsen.

Asus p7h55-m LX (written in the box and the board itself)
Intel i5 650
GTS 450
Samsung M378B5173EB0-Ck0 4gb + team elite 1333 2gb (it worked fine after disabling memory remap in bios)
VenomRX madara 700w

Board didnt have a place to plug internal speaker making it super hard.

Ive tried
CPU+1ram (both slot).
CPU+both ram.
CPU+1ram+onboard vga?.
Only CPU.
All of it gives no post no display and restarting after 30~ seconds,
except no cpu it will restarts within seconds.
What causes this symptoms?

I dont have any spare cpu psu or mb.. Im going to let it rest for a day after try to clean every dust possible.
What should happen if I try to boot the system with just CPU?

Thanks for reading this.. I hope you can help me.
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Apr 25, 2019
Thanks for the reply, Im going to repair shop today as i dont have any idea what causes the problem anymore. About the upgrade tho, can i build on my old case? Will newer mainboard fit it?