Question PC loads straight into BIOS with new NVMe SSD.


May 28, 2017
Hey! So as the title suggests, this is the issue I have.

Some background, I bought a new NVMe SSD and installed it. Tried a cloning software to clone windows and all my files to the new NVMe but it didn't work.

In the end, I did a windows reinstall and I formatted both the old drive and the new drive, installed windows on the NVMe and after removed the USB stick with windows install on it and everything was working ok.

I finished installing all my drivers, games, etc. Multiple restarts occured and every time my PC booted properly. So when I was done, I decided to take out my old drive (I'm giving it to my little brother) and I couldn't boot into Windows, it kept sending me straight into BIOS.

The NVMe is the only drive in boot options. I don't get any error message, beeps or anything. Both my GPU slots are glowing yellow/amber for some reason, I have no clue if it was like that before. Photos of BIOS and MBD

Edit: So the lights mean nothing. I tested to put in the empty drive from before (NVMe is still the primary boot option) and now the system boots without a problem. I opened disk management to check if the other drive truly is empty and there appears to be a 50 Mb partition on it which says System Reserved. Disk Managment
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May 22, 2018
Are you sure you did not do the reinstall on the old drive instead and then when you removed it, the drive that's left has no OS on it?

Did you intend for the drive you're giving to your brother to have an OS installed on it or for it to be a blank drive?

Remove the drive that's booting to the BIOS and reconnect the older drive you want to give to your brother to see if it boots the OS.