[SOLVED] PC locking up during games i'm all out of ideas

Feb 15, 2019
First time posting here because i am all out of ideas on what this issue could be. So my PC keeps on locking up ( freezing) while playing games more so hunt showdown and Apex the game will start up fine and i can get into the menu. the game play itself will lock up and just leave me with the frozen screen of the game. Everything in this PC is less than 6 months old. If i play DAYZ or RUST etc etc i have no issues at all and can play the games for hours on end with no problem.

ASUS MOBO - Prime B350 plus (bios 4207)

GTX Aorus 1080 ti

CPU - Ryzen 5 1400

Memory - 16384MB

PSU - Corsair RM850I

Windows 10 pro

Temps are all stable
voltage is all stable
everything is stock ( no OC)
new HDD
new install of windows
new drivers installed
bios updated
ram checked
REG checked
CPU checked
GPU checked
PSU checked
Connections checked
Windows updated

Also sent it off to a PC place and they said they can find NOTHING wrong at all but i got it back today and it still locks up while playing Apex etc etc
Could be driver related, unique to a few games...

Can't rule out the 1080Ti being potentially low/partially starved of power during full load in some games (but not all, as you stated); the potential power starvation could be caused by a PSU or mainboard, since up to 75 watts of power comes from PCI-e slot.... (This can lead to a fairly powerful/power hungry GPU working fine in one rig, but not another, etc..)

There is no 'PSU checked' with any generic $12 'PSU tester' which puts no load whatsoever on PSU, so often the only way to know for sure is to substitute in a known good PSU of sufficient wattage....(I have a Corsair PSU myself, but, all brands can have issues, and, most PSUs were 'working fine' earlier...right before they began to fail)

As for RAM checking fine, it probably is fine, but RYzen might be a little more sensitive to RAM, you can try testing w/ slightly less aggressive clock speed (2666 or 2933 instead of 3200 MHz, etc..); or, borrow two known good quality RAM sticks to test...
Typically lock ups like that are caused by heat or lack of power. If you are sure temps are stable, then I'd lean towards the PSU. To be sure, you can run a program called Intel burn test to stress the CPU and watch CPU temps to see if they go to high, and if the system locks up.

Use memtest 86 to try to test the ram.

If those pass, maybe try furmark for a few minutes like maybe 15 or so to put a lead on the graphics card. But I'm thinking that 1080ti is a pretty power hungry card. Might be there PSU is aging slightly, and as the other poster said, when the graphics card gets under fill load it could be pulling to much.