PC Locks/Freezes with few seconds of buzzing sound and has to be restarted.


Nov 20, 2015
Hello this is my first post in this forum, although I've been following a lot of tips posted here already. Straight to the point:

Problem: I bought my PC year ago, and had problems almost from the begining, but menaged to handle them somehow, but now the worst of them all came back after few months. Screen locks up/freezes/pauses and if any audio was playing when screen froze, it buzzes for couple of seconds and fades into silence. I can't do anything, only reset button works. I can hear my cooling still working, but even LED's on Keybord don't respond when clicking caps-lock scroll-lock etc.

PC Specs:
System: Windows 8.1 64 bit
CPU: AMD FX-8350 with CPU Thermaltake Contac 21 cooling
GPU: ASUS Radeon r9 270 2GB
MB: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
HDD: Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB
RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x4GB 1866MHz DDR3 CL9

When does the freeze occur:
At the moment almost 99% of crashes are when playing Fallout 4 or in Windows/Google chrome after restarting right after crash. Life is Strange and Heroes of the Storm seem to work fine and don't crash. Fallout started crashing after few days. I would say it's overheating or fallout's fault but CPU,GPU,HDD temp. are (according to Speed Fan) ~50,~50,~30 (celcius degrees), and it's not the first time it happens, so can't be only fallout's fault.
Btw. FurMark sometimes crashes my PC after 1 minute of CPU/GPU stress test, sometimes can work for 1 hour while watching youtube videos without any crash.

Diagnostic tools used so far:
(all from Hiren's Boot CD)
SeaTools: both Short and Long test no errors
8 hours of Memory test(don't remember which one, Memtest I think) and also Microsoft Memory test, both passed without any errors
GPU Memory test: no errors for 6 hours
ASUS diagnostic tools downloaded from my MB support page, no errors, tests passed.
Fallout 4 for 30 minutes - failed

Also junkware/malware removal used constantly:
Junkware Removal Tool
Hitman Pro
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Story of my PC crashes and attempts to fix it:
It all started year ago when playing Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, it was the game that crashed almost everytime after about 30 minutes, but just using Chrome or even leaving PC idle on desktop crashed. It was either blue screen with Kernel error, ntoskrnl.exe, fatal error, don't remember all of them, there were a lot, or just lock up and buzzing sound like I mentioned earlier. I thought it's GPU problem so I updated drivers, tried about 10 versions of drivers, nothing helped. Solution was to disassemble everything and put it back together(also got rid of dust etc) and it worked fine for couple of months. It came back with blue screens/freezes after that time and I suspected HDD this time, cause often it didn't boot after crash, couldn't boot for whole night and worced perfectly fine next day, system recovery was getting rid of the problem for few days and it was comming back, the PC started to work really slow after few recoveries and even reinstalls so I took my HDD to the store where I bought it and they did a test (no bad sectors found) but they sent it to seagate anyway. Seagate said "It's fine, we updated software" or something like that. Disk wasn't even formated, all my data was still there and the problem still occured. While my HDD was at SeaGate's base, I was using 70GB or so WD HDD with Win 7 32 bit installed, and it worked fine, but sometimes had problem with the 32 bit part. 2TB Seagate came back, I erased everything from it few times (just to be sure) and installed windows, worked fine for 2-3 months and now my PC has these freezes again. Tried another 2TB seagate that my friend gave me and it has same problem, and also in Fallout 4(My little WD HDD broke meanwhile without a reason, windows 8 boots 10 minutes on it, and is unable to work on since Windows works slooooow). Tried diffrent SATA ports, different cables, still same issue, don't know what to do.

I don't want to give my PC to the store I bought it in, I had internship there, I know they are very good, but I think it will take atleast a week for my PC to come back, so If it's possible I want to do it on my own, I use the PC for my IT school projects, and as main source of entertainment ofcourse, so it would be a disaster considering it's almost winter here.
I've seen a lot of threads with simmilar issue, but nothing worked for me, turning high performance in power menagement options, making windows boot from 8 cores or something like that, updating drivers and the list goes on, don't remember everything. One thing I noticed, about 65% of threads mention AMD FX CPU, Radeon r9 GPU and ASUS motherboard.

Thanks for any help in advance, and sorry for my english, it's not my primary language.


Nov 14, 2015

some crash dumps would be useful to read,just might reveal why ntoskrnl.exe is generated as sometimes this can point towards a faulting driver/device, please install this and it will open up dump files to read , send to markwoodward70@ bigpond.com or post here if possible.
let me know if you do this


Nov 20, 2015

The problem is, there are no dumps created when it crashes. Blue screen view showed ntoskrnl.exe 1 month ago last time. I'm currently playing 4th game of Heroes of the Storm, so maybe Fallout's fault afterall...