Question PC loses internet after a random interval (5 minutes to 16 hours) and is unable to reconnect until after reboot.

Nov 22, 2020
This issue started immediately after factory resetting my router. My computer is the only device on the network work with this problem. Whenever it happens, I cannot make any new connections, but I can hear people in discord for about 20 seconds while they can't hear me until it disconnects. Windows troubleshooter has returned both DHCP problem and DNS problem on different occasions. I have both an ethernet connection and a wireless card connected to the router but both disconnect the same when the other is disabled. Pinging returns nothing and pinging default gateway results in 75% packet loss. I am able to slowly load my router login page after a few refreshes but it times out before being able to log in every time. Reinstalling ethernet adapter drivers did nothing, running "ipconfig /release" then "ipconfig /renew" did nothing, running "netsh winsock reset" and then "netsh int ip reset" did nothing.
Not sure if it matters but I'll also mention, this happens while I'm actively using it, not when it goes to sleep or anything, and for some reason, half of the time when I boot up the computer I have to manually enable my ethernet connection in device manager.
Not really sure where to go from here. The posts I found with similar issues were of no help. Thanks in advance.