Question PC Losing Display


Nov 22, 2016
So I have had my PC for around 5 years. And a few weeks in I remember playing Battlefield 1 and my display losing signal, computer still on and outputting sound. No way around it but to force shutdown the computer. When i stopped playing BF1, I never came across the issue until now (past few weeks). So i thought it was my PSU not supplying enough power while under demanding load from the gpu (Thermals are perfect. 65c gpu and 60c cpu while under load. So I replaced my power supply and it seemed to have solved it. Now i just got Escape from tarkov, and it happens constantly. Even in the Hideout or main menu it loses signal. Happens a few times on Halo MCC as well...

Here is my rig:
Coolermaster hyper 212 evo
AMD rx470 6gb
Gigabyte z-170xp-sli MOBO
Dual monitor 155hz/60hz both monitors are affected

So that's the issue, here is what I've tried and what issues i think it can be:

Brand new 750w gold psu
monitoring temps (all good)
Drivers up to date
It must be my gpu dying? I've read posts on this model doing the exact same thing, but only seen it twice or so. I've been told by buddies it might be a motherboard issue? But that's on no real factual basis.

I'm looking to upgrade my computer in the near future anyway and I'm incredibly open to forking out some money on just a gpu upgrade asap if this is the issue. I really don't want to take it into a shop so they can say it's my gpu dying and i need a new one and waste money on that.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!