Question PC losing power to straight black screen, occasionally not POSTing ?

Jul 13, 2022
Hi all, i've been having the same PC issue for well almost a year know and nothing I have done seems to fix the issue. My computer will seemingly randomly turn straight off as if someone ripped the power cable out of the back. Usually it can turn it on just fine but sometimes it wont post, all fans will turn on but no display and no beep code coming from the motherboard. Usually ill reset the CMOS battery and that fixes it about 50% of the time, the other times ill just wait or reseat my gpu and ram until it eventually works. I have done a whole load to try and fix this.
What I have tried so far
  • Reseating almost everything
  • Upgrading cooling system (stock ryzen cooler -> AIO)
  • cleaning top of gpu (have not gone inside it or anything)
  • upgrading cpu + motherboard ( I cant remember if i did this before or after the problem arose)
  • upgrading ram (3200 Mhz -> 3600 Mhz in hopes that i had just gotten a bad batch)
  • clearing bios by taking out the CMOS battery
  • enabling xmp and disabling xmp
  • running games on either ssd or hdd
  • ran checks on my ram and storage devices.
  • psu tester (this was around christmas but I am 99% sure everything was normal or else I would have done something about it)
  • used different outlets
  • used minimal usb devices
Throughout all these efforts I have consistently ran stress tests. For context this issue does not happen if my PC is just sitting idle but will happen seemingly no matter the stress its put under, everytime id open among us it would turn off (now that issue doesn't exist somehow) but I almost ran Elden ring with 0 issues yet it turns off randomly during fifa both in game and in the menus, for a while I couldn't even open the oculus app or the glorious core app, the second I ran them it would shut down, now both these work fine even though I didnt change a thing.

Also when id be playing minecraft, single player or multiplayer it would shut off without warning, performance never took a hit but I have played the past 3 CODS with 0 issues. I'm not sure if this is important to note but I originally started out with just a 2tb slow hdd, from this i added a NVMe ssd and loaded windows onto it and moved it above my hdd in boot priority, therefore technically i have windows installed on both devices. The weirdest thing is that it I have ran a ton of stress tests threw various programs like cinebench, crystaldisk, heaven benchmark and OCCT, gpu never got to high but cpu sometimes would hover around 89 ° to 91 ° which yes is high but it never shut off from any of these stress tests.

Temperatures seem to be irrelevant from what I can tell though because I took a video of my temps (cpu, gpu, ssd) while in VR, at the moment it shut down my CPU was at 57 °, GPU at 73 ° and SSD at 56 °, and like I said they get pretty high in stress tests but never invoke a shutdown. The only time I got it to shut down was from the psu test on OCCT and that only happened once, no matter what I do I can never consistently recreate the issue, that's why I feel like taking it somewhere would be a waste of time because I can't tell them how to make it mess up, all I can say is maybe play a few games of fifa and around an hour of VR and hope for the worst but this won't even garantee it happens.

My 3rd trip to microcenter I described my issue and they told me to try new ram, this seemed to work for a little but soon after the issue came back. I don't know if that did genuinely help or if I was just getting lucky that it wasn't doing it. My next guess is maybe a faulty psu or motherboard. Also, there is nothing about the shutdown in Event viewer unless im looking in the wrong place (Windows logs -> System), all it says is "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first " which is shown after the shutdown.

Before I sink more money into it though I wanted to come here to get some input. What do yall think?
ISSUE: PC seemingly randomly loses power (straight to black screen no shutdown sequence)

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
Memory: GSKILL TridentZ neo DDR4 2x8gb 3600 MHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B550M AORUS PRO-P
AIO: Msi mag coreliquid p240
PSU: Powerspec 850w 80 plus gold fully modular (I thought it was an inland but I was looking online and couldn't find any inland psu's)
HDD: WD Blue 2TB
CASE: Cooler master lite 5 (not 100% sure)


Apr 9, 2011
Far as I know Powerspec is a no name brand PSU, has enough Watts but no telling on the quality of the final product.
You already sank some good money on most good quality parts, why not get a good PSU ? Corsair, CoolerMaster, ThermalTake, Antec, EVGA.
Keep the Wattage, keep the Gold rating, swap brands for the one with most Warranty for your money.
I would also suggest a UPS unit like APC or Cyberpower, you want to protect your investment, shorts and brownouts can affect your PC.