Question PC makes a chirping noise depending on what I do, what is it? .ogg inside


Dec 16, 2016

This is the sound in question. When it happened I was alt-tabbed in a game (FFXIV). As soon as I alt-tabbed back in and moved the game camera around it stopped. It then happened a bit later again when I was not alt-tabbed, I was playing. Once again, moving my mouse around a bit fixed it. Before someone asks, I'm 100% sure it was not an in-game sound.

This PC is a new Ryzen 3600 I built a few weeks ago. Mobo, RAM and CPU are new, the rest of the hardware is fiveish years old. Everything is fine on this new system, except for a single BSOD that I got two days ago whose minidump I'm gonna post just in case:!AszPI4pVTqe0hQF5siNT-hjGVVEr?e=pafPGe

SMART is telling me all my drives are Green and OK

Due to picking a board with only one sys_fan socket I'm currently only using the back fan of my case, front one laying motionless. It's still in a very cool room of the house, and temperatures seem okay - I'm under Ryzen Master's auto OC and I hover around 60C under load, 40C in idle/browsing. I plan to get a fan splitter in a couple of weeks, so this is temporary. I haven't fiddled with custom fan profiles from BIOS or anything like that, it's all on default.

Any help?