[SOLVED] PC makes a disconnect sound every time I turn on the room's fan or lights.

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Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020
My PC makes a hardware disconnect sound randomly when I switch on the fan or light in my room.

This is quite strange. The mouse backlight also turns off for a second, like its been disconnected.
No wires are being pulled. That's for sure, but everytime its the mouse, and not any other component.

There is no change in the display.


Core i5 3470
Zebronics H61
12 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ RAM
Coolermaster Bronze V2 MWE 450 watt (this PSU might be cheap but I am not overclocking or using big graphics cards so it is okay for me.)
GT 1030 EXOC Galax DDR5
Zebronics Transformer mouse
Redgear GRIM backlit keyboard.
1 TB WD 7200 RPM HDD.
Adata SU 240 GB SSD


Oct 24, 2019
Could it be poor wiring in your room?

This may have caused unstable fluctuation among your sockets when you switch on the light or fan in your room, as well as using other electronics connected to power sockets.


There are only three ways I can imagine where the mouse could possibly be affected by the light switch:
1- EMI from the light turning on causing the mouse to malfunction and reset itself, which indicates either an exceptionally poorly designed or defective mouse
2- the mouse is plugged into a self-powered hub and the lights turning on/off generate enough noise to make the USB hub act up, causing it to reset
3- the computer PSU acting up when the lights get turned on/off enough for 5V to go sufficiently out-of-spec for the mouse to reset itself, though I would expect this to cause system-wide problems, not just the mouse


Multimeter will work. Use set for AC (that's V with the ~) put one prong in the ground and pick any slot. In one you should get roughly @ 120v, the other should be zero (ish). Then change the multimeter to continuity (ohms symbol on some) and any digital multimeter should bleep at you and read almost zero.

If the only way you get 120(ish)v is by both slots and not the ground, that's most likely your issue, backfeed on the neutral from the light. Especially common in older, cheaper housing put together by electrical helpers working by the piece/job who don't care about issues.
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