Question PC Micro Stuttering Question

Oct 23, 2020
Been having terrible micro stuttering issues. Frametime spikes go to 30ms, 50ms and even 100ms at a time, randomly.

Most affected are games such as PUBG, Fortnite. GTA 5 runs perfectly smooth, that's pretty much the only game. Been having this problem for months now and can't find a fix. I even purchased a new pre build from bestbuy a couple months ago and I had issues which made me believe its something at home but once I took my PC somewhere else, and was even plugged into a UPS it still happened. Going to buy another prebuild to test it, then return it again, and if that PC is an issue, then my house is haunted.

Temps are fine
Messed with every windows setting
oc on/off
turned ghz down/up
turned mhz up/down for ram and gpu
v sync on/off
g sync on/off
power setting balance/ultimate/high
mouse polling
and plenty more that I can't remember

If I turn the Frames rate down to 60, it's not perfect but it helps a ton. Once I unleash it, it seems like something can't handle all the FPS being pushed and the timing can't keep up, which cause the stutters.

If GTA runs smooth It makes me wonder if its a CPU issue or Mobo. I've replaced my ram, ssds, tested a diff graphics card , monitors mice etc. No luck

2070 super EVGA
MSI z370
nzxt 360mm
g skill 3600mhz
nvme, ssd,
evga 750w gold