Question PC Monitor goes dark when AVR/TV is Turned on (connected to TV)


May 25, 2016
I am missing something obvious but I don't know what it is.

In my setup I have a DP connection to my PC monitor and then a HDMI over Fiber into a Denon AVR connected to my TV.

The options to change between primary, secondary and extend all work fine.

Where I have problems is if I am using my PC and I turn on my AVR (not intending to use it for PC) the screen goes black. At that point the PC doesn't show up on the AVR/TV either until I W+P hotkey and select secondary screen by memory of clicks.

My PC monitor is set to primary, but it doesn't seem to matter.



Looking into it, think it's a Hdmi handshake issue. See if connecting Hdmi cable from PC to TV directly, as TV is never completely off the edid information isn't completely gone. Turning on/off avr loses it it seems. If connecting to TV directly stops that then that's what it is.

From there suggests one of these, so edid is constant. kinda pricey and only supports up to 1080p though.