PC monitor, keyboard, and monitor randomly shut off but PC continues to run

Jan 21, 2019
Computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse randomly turn off at complete random. Well, not completely random, it only happens on the following games:
Grand Theft Auto 5
SCP: Secret laboratory
and Counter Strike Global Offensive (more recent)
I have checked temps, yes, they aren't doing bad, in fact really well for just air cooling from past experience with cooling.
Anyways, I don't know much info on the issue, which is probably the main reason why I can't find any solutions. but it's not like I can find much info.
Specs: Motherboard: MSI Gaming plus 470X (and just in case if this helps, my motherboard has this "ez troubleshoot" thing, which were a light shows up on a certain area showing that that part of the computer has an issue, for me it shows the CPU has an issue, yet I can't find any issues on it)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Storage: 1 TB SSD Samsung
RAM: 2X 8G (16 gigs of ram)
GPU: RTX 2080ti (founders edition)
PSU: 850W Thermaltake toughpower brand (80+ Gold)
Operating System: Windows 10
It started ever since I made this build (about a month ago) and I am sick of chasing someone as SCP-106 in entrance zone only to get met with a unlit monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I'll try to keep updated in comments, thanks!:wahoo: