Question PC monitor turning off after a few sec/minutes

Oct 5, 2019
Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my Dell monitor that I hope you can help me with. I bought it in 2011 along with a Dell desktop computer, which still works fine. I hadn't used it these past few months because I bought a laptop, but I'd like to use it again for games and work. So I turned on the PC yesterday, it worked fine; but after a few minutes the monitor turned off. No light at all, just shut down; when it goes to sleep there is an orange light, and when it's on there's a white light, but here everything just suddenly shuts down, no lights at alll (the computer still works tho).

I've read on CCM it could be due to aging capacitors and plugging it on and off again could do the trick; I've tried that a few times, each time (I timed three times) the screen would shut down after 2 minutes. Even with the brightness and contrast to the minimum. I tried plugging the screen to different power sockets, same result. When it is not connected to the computer (and only displays "no cable connected message" or the settings options I can access from the buttons on the side), it turns off even faster, after 30sec approximately. (I think in this case the brightness/contrast is high.)
It might be worth noting that the computer and monitor are French and I live now in the UK, so I use the French cable with a UK power adaptor. But it was working fine until now; although I remember noticing my screen turning off sometimes, but thought it was a cable issue. (It is not a cable issue, since I tried to switch with the computer's cable and got the same result.)

Any leads on what I can do? Could the monitor be dusty inside? Should I keep powering it on and off again to "recharge the capacitors" or something? (I've neved fixed a monitor before and don't know a lot about how it works, I only have a bit of experience fixing desktop computers...)

Thanks in advance!



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