Question Pc no longer outputs signal, only spinning fans with debug led on cpu

Aug 9, 2020
While surfing the web the pc shut off and rebooted, posted and after the windows boot logo it gave me no signal while the fans were still spinning, after resetting the pc and turning it on it will spin the fan and the debug led will red on cpu, switch for a ms to dram and then go again to cpu, displaying no image, until I reset it. Tried to unplug and replug the PSU cable, same thing with the hdmi cable and the cpu cable, reseated ram and graphics card, and I shorted the pins with a screwdriver and I think it reset the CMOS but no luck, nothing, nada. I don't think it's the psu because trying to remove the CPU connector didn't even switch to dram and I couldn't reset it, only by switching off the psu. The system is new, (a week). Please help me I built this pc thinking I would game on it all the summer and instead I am troubleshooting it.

System specs:

MSI mag b550m mortar WiFi
Ryzen 5600
Rx 550 (planning to upgrade)
16gb gskill ripjaws v f43600c18gvk (i think this is the serial)
Ssd nvme crucial P2 500gb
Hdd 2tb Seagate barracuda
Seasonic core GC 650w
Nzxt h510

Sorry for the English