Question PC not booting after installing new CPU

Mar 23, 2020
I had recently purchased the intel i5-9400F to replace my old i3. After i installed it and went to boot up the PC it turned on for about a second and then immediately turned off. After browsing youtube for a while and trying different things i still couldn’t get it to work. I ended up coming to the conclusion that the power supply must be dead. I bought a new PS and installed it just to find out that wasn’t the problem. Turns out when i put the old cpu back in, the pc boots as normal. But when i try the new i5, it gives me the same problem.

Any help would really be appreciated
you are evidently having some sort of compatibility issue. your new CPU is either not compatible with the existing MB or the MB will need a bios update in order to work. please list old CPU version and motherboard model along with all other system specs
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