Question PC not booting to OS after cleaning.

Jul 18, 2019
So this morning my father and I decided to clean out his desktop using a can of compressed air and to re-apply thermal compound (since we built the PC together about 2 years ago).

Long story short, we managed to boot the computer up and enter the BIOS just fine, but once we tried booting to Windows or Linux, the PC would just freeze up and nothing would happen. I also tried booting to TAILS OS (which does not use any internal storage) to no avail.

I have tried removing and reconnecting all the cables in the desktop and re-seating the GPU (which I had removed so I could clean out the dust in the fans) as well as the RAM.

Specs are:
Ryzen 1600x
8gb corsair vengeance lpx RAM
GTX 1070
MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon MoBo
EVGA supernova 550 80+ gold PSU
Samsung 960 EVO SSD
WD Blue 1tb 7200 RPM

Any help would be much appreciated.