Build Advice PC not booting up with new parts

Jul 26, 2019
So I bought a new motherboard, CPU, and PSU for my desktop that I have had for a while and have been slowly upgrading over the years, the only parts I changed before the motherboard, CPU, and PSU were a new GPU and a 2tb hard drive. The motherboard I bought is a gigabyte B450M DS3H ultra durable with an AM4 CPU socket the CPU I bought is an AMD Ryzen 5 2400g with integrated graphics the new PSU is an evga 1000g+ supernova these three parts are replacements for very old ones, about 5-6 years old each after I put my PC back together using the new parts it did nothing, no booting up of any sort, the only part im currently missing is RAM which I intend to get.
The fully built but not working PC consists of
The new PSU
The new motherboard
The new CPU
1 500gig hard drive
1 2tb hard drive
And a GTX 1050ti windforce

I'm pretty sure I put all the cables in the right places but it won't boot up no matter what PSU makes no noise and nothing seems to happen I have tried everything I know and am asking if anyone knows what's wrong or has tips for me.