Question PC not connecting , yet wireless works


Jan 8, 2014
I was gone 10 days with PC off. When I booted it up I could not connect to Internet. I have been troubleshooting for 3 days. Verified that the modem is working correctly both wireless (network being picked up by smartphone and a laptop) and wired is working correctly when plugged into my laptop. It does not connect to the network when plugged into my PC. Something changed while it was turned off for 10 days as it was working perfectly up to then.
Troubleshootng includes:
Working with Comcast - reset signal sent to modem 3 times. Uninstalling and reinstalling network adapter. Updating network adapter drivers. Using CMD.exe - ipconfig commands including netsh release, renew, catalog, log, all, and all related.

ASUS motherboard support - additional ipconfig commands at command prompt, all were returned as OK, except one returned - media disconnected. Support suggested cord, or modem failing at wired but not at wireless. However, my laptop connects to wired network on that modem, using the same ethernet cord. They told me it is not possible for the onboard network adapter to fail without disappearing from the device manager. It is in the device manager, no yellow flags, and says "The device is working properly."

Windows settings looked at - Network adapter properties, Advanced, Property Network Address - radio button "Not Present" is selected, Value box is empty.
- Set to Detect IP automatically, Detect and detect DNS automatically. We tried changing IP to random string of 12 characters and setting DNS to a string of 8s, and made no difference. Changed them both back to automatic.

Router - xfinity xb6-t- best as I can tell as the router does not have a brand stamped on it, only Xfinity.

ASUS z87-A Intel motherboard (homebuild)

Windows 7 64 bit -
Under Advanced of Network adapter properties, Network Address Property radio button " not present" is selected. Value box is empty

Error msgs returned after running Network troubleshooting in Windows.

1. investigate router or broadband mode issues - done - wireless network is being picked up by laptop and smartphone. Wired is working on laptop but not on PC

2. A click on the red X in the line between Network and Internet Icons yeilds these error messages-

When connected to wire from router - click on red X on Network map in Network and Sharing Center -
Incomplete IP address.

- When disconnected - Local Areal Connection 2 adapter is disabled

Device manager - MOBO Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller working properly, latest drivers just

My network was named by windows as Network 4
Any help solving this is deeply appreciated. If more info about my setup is needed, please let me know.
Thank you,


I am going to suggest that after being turned off for 10 days that the PC (when turned on) had some updates applied and that there may have been some corruption, bug, or conflict thereafter.

Look in Reliability History/Manager for network related errors or warnings.

Run and post the results of "ipconfig /all" via the command prompt. The results may help identify some misconfiguration that has occurred.