Question PC not displaying on TV after updating video card driver

Sep 25, 2022
My wife bought a new computer which we hooked up to our TV which she would use as the computer monitor. The computer displayed on the TV just as it should, until I updated the video card driver to an NVIDIA driver. Now the computer will no longer show up on the TV, though it will still show up when connected to a computer monitor. If I hook the HDMI cord back up to the TV and restart the computer, I DO get the initial booting screen showing the motherboard logo. But once it boots into windows, the TV shows the generic “no signal” screen.
unfortunately, the graphics card that came with the computer has only one HDMI port, so I cannot have it hooked to both the TV and monitor at the same time. If I could, I could mess around with the display settings and try to get it to recognize the TV as a second display. But as it is, I have to have the HDMI hooked into the monitor to change any settings, then unhook the HDMI and plug it back into the TV which is a real pain.

Any advice or ideas as to a fix would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 20, 2012
My 3080 bugged out recently when I tried to connect two TVs to it via HDMI. No sure what really caused it to go haywire, but I did a fresh install of the driver (with both TVs hooked up) and everything cleared up. May help in your case.

Good luck!


Mar 31, 2014
Is the TV running at 1080p, or a higher resolution such as 4K? It is possible either the display cable you are using is not certified or does not support a higher resolution, or the resolution in Windows was set to a resolution that the TV doesn't support and it is not adapting properly.
Feb 2, 2023
Did you ever figure anything out? I'm having a similar issue. I have had my PC for over a year and a half, it has always been used on my TV. My brother was having issues with his computer so to trouble shoot thing we put his GPU into my PC. So I had to uninstall all my driver's to install his card. After I switched back to my card it will not display on my TV or projector but works on a monitor I have. It will work on the TV if I do not have any drivers installed. This is really frustrating and I don't know what to do.