PC not entering sleep mode after fan change.


Apr 9, 2013
Hi guys just started having a strange problem, my PC was working fully prior to installing a new heatsink and fan (Akasa Nero 3) I removed the stock HS&F supplied with my AMD FX 8120.

The PC would sleep normally either on request or after designated inactivity and waking with a key press, but now when pc enters sleep mode the hard drives spin down, keyboard and monitors power off bit that's all.

The PC also wont come come out of this state without pressing reset to which it POSTs and boots normally.

Could the new PWM fan be preventing the system entering sleep mode?

Any insight on this would be appreciated.

Win 8 x64
ASUS M5A97 Pro
AMD FX-8120 @ 4Ghz
8Gb Corsair Vengeance
MSI 7850 Twin Frozr III
try lowering your OC. this should allow the PC to sleep properly. I have this same issue after going over 4.1 GHz. I have a thread about this same issue. I have found after i reached a certain frequency the PC would no longer enter S3 sleep state all the way. fans and case lights would stay on and i need to reset the system to be able to boot in to the system again, same as you.