Question PC not loading Windows 10 - Hardware problem


Mar 28, 2012

This is a very strange problem I'm having and looking to see if anyone has had the same thing and knows what I need to do to fix it.

First happened a few days ago, windows crashed as I was in a game. It restarted fine, I just thought it was random one off and loaded up the game again. It happened again about half an hour later, but then would not boot into Windows properly. I could however boot into safe mode. I figured it must be software related, so I unplugged all non-essential usb ports to try and diagnose. I tried un-installing drivers for my GPU and re-installing. It still wouldn't boot to windows though, and worse I couldn't boot into safe mode either. I tried doing the startup repair, but I just kept getting the same message saying it cannot be repaired.

I thought maybe there was a problem with my SSD, so I bought a new one and installed windows completely fresh onto it. Everything seemed fine, I was able to boot into windows and got started on installing drivers and stuff, then it crashed again. The exact same behavior as before, it wouldn't let me into windows but I could boot into safe mode, then I restarted again and I couldn't get into safe mode, and start up repair can't solve the problem.

So it's obviously not my SSD, what else could it be? And how do I test it? I thought maybe it was my graphics card (EVGA nvidia 680 GTX), but why would that affect booting into windows? My screen works fine for the BIOS and the times I managed to boot into safe mode. Maybe a stick of RAM is causing the issue, is that something that could cause this behavior? It seems really strange that the hardware would cause issues with Windows like this.

I'm really stumped. I don't want to have to guess and keep replacing things one by one as that'll cost me too much. How do I find the problem?