Question PC not loading windows after multiple attempts, all hardware is running.

Oct 13, 2019
I have had issues with increasing frequency over the last few months when I will start my PC, all the hardware and fans will turn on and the monitor receives some signal to turn it on, but windows does not load. It does not give a blue screen or any errors and does not allow me to get into the bios. If I press the power button again it immediately shuts off, us itually I have to repeat this process 2-4 times along with trying to reset my cmos or completely shutting of power at the PSU before it will finally load windows. Sometimes it can be several days without this occurring.

I am also having issues with games crashing (Especially escape from tarkov)
This happens frequently when the GPU reaches 100% utilization. The temps will barely be over 50% and usually not more than 60%.

At this point I am not sure what the problem is. The only thing that has changed recently within the past 7-8 months is a different power supply but idk if that is it or not.

I don't have anything overclocked at this point.

My CPU/mobo/ram are about 5 years in use at this point.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

My build is as follows.
I7 4790k
Nzxt kraken x61
4x4gb ddr3 1600
Asus rog strix 1070 oc edition
2 ssd
1 tb HDD
EVGA b3 550W


Replacing my power supply has helped with my computer crashing during games and I have been able to apply overclocking again. A lot of it quite frankly.

I am still experiencing boot issues however.

My boot device LED is on and when I reach the bios it frequently forgets the correct boot priority.

I am going to see if replacing the cmos battery can help.

Also going to try this:
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Oct 13, 2019
I think it is either the PSU or the mainboard.

How long since you installed the PSU ?

Did you make any changes to the computer before you first encountered the problem ?

I believe it is the PSU as well.

I changed it several months ago.

I would occasionally get a false boot every once in a blue moon but nothing like what I have been seeing lately.

I changed my case in the last 2 months as well and added more fans with an LED controller.

I think since my MOBO has a tpu switch for automatic overclocking of the CPU that could be the problem.

I turned that off and immediately after doing so the system booted again.

I think the 550 watts was enough to get by, but when the CPU and GPU dynamically overclock through asus software, I think it was pulling too much and freezing my system or crashing my game.

I did not realize I had the overclocking enabled.

I have the TPU switch off still and am going to try several more restarts to see if the boot issue has subsided for now. I also enabled silent mode on my graphics card which under-clocks it and lowers the power target.

I have a new PSU coming tomorrow, an 850 watt evga and I am hoping that will take care of the issue.