Question Pc not properly booting (Graphics card 'seemingly' non existent)

Jan 24, 2020
Computer specs
Motherboard: B150 Pro gaming/aura
Graphics Card: Nvidia 780 classified (internal is a Intel HD graphics 530)
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700k
Windows 10

Let's get right into business, upon booting up my PC, it turns on normally, but it doesn't show any connectivity. I find it odd and put my HDMI cord into my integrated graphics card port. I get connection and find myself on a normal desktop. I check device manager and find out my graphics card isn't being 'noticed' yet when I peer into my hardware, it's there, glowing with colorful lights as it should, and not beeping.

The prime suspect
I assume this is another issue or a symptom of my current issue: crashing. When playing certain games..... I'm
able to play games such as:

League of Legends

Games I'm not able to play sometimes: (it either works in very specific situations.)
COD: MW (Works well in private matches. Low amounts of players don't crash me but when I go into a large lobby it crashes me.)
VR Chat (Same with COD, less players/nothing fps heavy doesn't crash me. But beyond that does.)

Games that always crash:
Rainbow 6 Siege
Tom Clancy: Division 2

Nothing else causes a black screen crash or any performance issues. I gathered that it must be a graphics card issues due to the games, that cause the crash, to be up-to-date games with requirements being high performance specs or hard working low specs. These games never had issues before, but now they occur.

Solutions taken:
I'm at loss for solutions after having this issue for a long time running. I've done:
Windows update

Drivers update

Did a Windows 10 reset (My graphics card worked after a full reset, (I backed up some applications for gaming and personal files.) at that moment even after a crash. (Playing a game and mid said game I experienced a black screen crash. Not even integrated graphics worked when I plugged it in.) But after I did a normal shut down, it stopped working, I had to swap to integrated graphics, again.)

I had a friend who does PC fixing on the side to check my hardware. He didn't notice any physical damage on any of the hardware. He booted into BIOs and saw that it was set to overclock, he changed some settings so it would run safely. (Not over clocked and nothing running at it's utter max.) Worked for a bit then it returned to its current state.
*I was told by said friend that it boiled down to either
  1. Graphics card is done for and it's on its last leg.
  2. The power supply could be the issue as it could not be outputting enough power.
Checked if there was a virus with McAfee (I don't have it anymore), malawarebytes, and Avg.
Didn't pick up anything wrong.

I even went into CMD and did 'sfc /cleannow'. It didn't find anything wrong. (I looked in event viewer and one of the first errors is a Kernel.thing. searched online and found many of the same results.)

Please mention if I am missing anything important or if any questions come to mind. It's been a issue for a long time now, about over the span of a year now.

Justin Sisti

Jan 23, 2014
Had a similar issue with my 1080, would be able to play games some days and then others it would crash almost immediately when playing demanding games.

I ran the gamut of all things only to find out it was a poor thermal paste application (Card was still under warranty so I didn't think to check). After popping the block off I found that only half the chip had adequate paste applied to it.

I would ask your friend to reapply the paste if he's willing, and hell if you have enough confidence I'm sure you can do it yourself too.