Question Pc not turning on all of a sudden

Feb 20, 2019
Hi, so I was working with my pc at night and everything was working fine. I put hibernation when i was done with my work and then switched off from the mains. The next day, my pc is not powering on when i press the power button. My motherboard led lights up. When i press the power button, the power led doesnt light up. But my gpu fan and psu fan works when i press the power button but only for some seconds. The cpu fan doesnt spin and hdds dont get power. Ive tried swapping rams, changing cmos battery but nothing works. Can anyone help me thanks.

Pc specs:
i3 3220
asus h61m-k (mobo)
4x2 gb ram
gtx 1050 ti
corsair vs450 psu
2tb hdd


Oct 22, 2016
For some strange reason I am reading a lot of problems when people use hibernate and then next day it wont post. I don't know if it is a windows problem or just bad timing, or psu problem. Have you pulled the gpu out and tried posting using the onboard graphics port?