Question PC not turning on when GPU connected to power supply.


Apr 23, 2015
So basically I had a gtx1080ti and it died. I decided to get a second hand 1070 while I wait for the rtx40 series to come out then I'll just get a whole new machine.
But when I plug in the 1070 the PC dosnt even boot up it just flashes on once then nothing. If I unplug the GPU fro the PSU but leave it in the PCIE slot it boots up fine and the card is detected in device manager and in bios it at least recognizes there is an Nvidea card in the slot but dosnt say what model like in device manager.
Any ideas what could be causing this or how to fix. I have already tried chanign the PCIE slot, making sure it's plugged in correctly and tight, changing what socket it plugs into PSU. Reinstalling ram and other things. All to no avail.
It thought maybe it was just a faulty 2nd hand card, but seems odd that it can detectet what model it is and it only dosnt work when psu is connected.