Question PC not turning on

Sep 18, 2021
So, about six days ago, my pc just stopped turning on, I was using it the night before and then it just stopped booting, even though there was some lightened LEDs on the motherboard. So me and father thought that the problem was the power supply, so we ordered a new one that arrived just yesterday. Yesterday, we have changed the power supply, but yet it wouldn’t turn on, so we removed some cables, cleaned some components, and it still wasn’t working, then my father started to do something in the motherboard (atm i had already gave up) and it just turned on when he pressed the button, even though he said that he has done nothing. So I brought it home, and when it booted there would be no image, but the problem was that one of the ram sticks was poorly plugged in, so when i fixed it, everything would apparently work perfectly, so I used it for a couple hours ans then turned it off. So, today it won’t turn on anymore, and have already tried everything i know to fix it, i have cleaned the components, I tried to boot it with just one ram stick; without the GPU; with just the CPU; but it just won’t turn on, even though there are some motherboard’s LEDs that are brighting. I think that the problem might be the motherboard itself, but i’m not sure, and sorry for my bad english, it isn’t my main language.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600x
Motherboard: Asus prime x570-p
Ram: Kingston hyperx fury 8GBx2