Question PC not using correct drive for OS?


Apr 15, 2012
Hey guys.
So a while ago I upgraded to an SSD, did a totally fresh install and formatted my HDD. I'm now using both disks, with the OS on the SSD. Until recently this had been working fine and my PC was booting from and running with the SSD. I recently upgraded my Mobo, CPU, and RAM. During this hard drive change something has changed and I believe my PC is no longer booting from the SSD. It is slower on startup now and the disk manager shows the hard drive as "Windows". In the Bios, the primary boot is set as "UEFI Windows Boot Manager - SSD", and if I try setting it to the SSD itself, the boot fails. The PC boots with the SSD alone which makes me feel I must be wrong. Any opinions? Link shows disk manager with and without HDD active. Any help would be great, cheers!

So, what is going on here is some boot manager shenanigans. I've had it where I install Windows to an SSD and the Windows installer for some unknown reason writes the boot sector to the HDD and that boot sector references the SSD to boot from. Oddly sometimes the UEFI doesn't look at the SSD boot sector first. It might work if you can simply remove the HDD from the boot order. Windows and UEFI don't manage boot drives very well.