Question PC not waking up from sleep?


Jul 9, 2012
Hey, I built my PC roughly 2 years ago, specs: Gigabyte B550M S2H, 1660 SUPER, Ryzen 3600, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVME, Corsair RM650 PSU, Windows 10 64bit.

I've had a strange issue with my PC for the last year ever since I started putting it to sleep. 99% of the time when I put it to sleep it works as it should, the PC goes to sleep within 10 seconds and then any key pressed or mouse movement afterwards will allow Windows to resume where it was.. When I wake it up normally, the GPU fan will power on loud for 2-3 seconds, but then immediately quieten down as the display appears and it enters Windows.. As it should.

However... Roughly one in 20-30 times, when the PC is woken, the GPU fan will stay at a high RPM, and there will be no display output to the monitor (it doesn't boot into Windows or even show BIOS flash screen).. To fix this, I normally just have to power off the PC at the switch and turn it back on.. But oddly... most of the time I do this, it still doesn't produce any display, and the GPU fan remains loud.. Sometimes, it will just come back on fine after I simply turn it off and on again, but if it doesn't, I leave it on with the fan blasting and it eventually just restarts itself and then boots into Windows as normal. This usually takes 10-15 minutes of waiting. It hasn't really been much of an issue because it only does this one in 20-30 times I wake it up.. This can happen even when I put the PC to sleep for less than one minute, it can enter this state even after a short time asleep. Time sleeping seems to have no effect on whether it happens or not.

Today though, it did it again.. But this time I could not get it to come back on even after the usual turn off by the power, or leaving it powered on to wait for the auto-restart..
I did manage get it on once after I removed the BIOS battery and reset the CMOS and left the battery out for 1 hour.. After I did this and turned the PC on, the fan came on loud as it normally does for a few seconds and then it powered down like it normally does before it displays. When the fan powered down it then got loud and quiet again roughly 3 times before eventually it gave a display and booted into Windows and running as normal.. But then when I did an actual shut down 10 minutes later and turned it back on, it's stuck once again with no display, I've tried removing the battery for 1 hour like I did earlier to get it to work, no luck.. I feel like if I keep trying it will eventually come on again like it did earlier. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong when I do eventually get it into Windows, everything runs as normal.

I've tried removing RAM sticks, single sticks at a time etc. I've even tried no ram sticks and the board doesn't even bleep. I've tried a different power supply. I've tried unplugging all peripherals and USB's etc, removed the NVME SSD and unplugged all SATA drives. Monitor is fine, works on my old PC no problem. I've tried the onboard graphics with GPU removed, and also tried a new PSU cable.
Any suggestions? I have a feeling this has something to do with Windows not shutting down correctly and is somehow STUCK in a hybrid kind of state, although I think fastboot is turned off. It seems like luck whether it eventually turns on or not. And I'm not sure why it is a lot harder to get on today compared to the past though.. Thank you.