PC not working after accidentally touching the fan


Nov 5, 2017
Hi, im just an ordinary teenager who needs some tech help. I have a regular computer and I have a problem. I need my computer because there are files that I need.

So heres the story...
It was just a regular day. I was playing some games in my computer, then suddenly I accidentally pushed some wires (color yellow and black) to the fan then the monitor just showed red stuff. I couldn’t shut down the pc by clicking the power button so I unplugged the power cable. I put it back and when it didn’t display anything in the monitor. I didn’t know why. I checked the mouse and it has a light, i checked the cpu and the light in the motherboard was still on and the fan was running perfectly. So I unplugged the power cable and everything else so I could clean the CPU. After cleaning the fan, the RAM and some other stuff, it still doesn’t work. So I searched stuff in the internet on how to fix it but I didn’t understand most of the things they said. I really need my computer right now : /