Question Pc not working after renewing every part


Jan 7, 2018
Okay so I had a really good working computer with the following specs.

I7-7700k 4.2 Ghz
MSI Pro carbon Z270
1060GTX 6gb OC edition
Trident Z 16gb RAM 3200mhz
850 watt modular PSU Corsair

2Samsung EVO ssds
1TB seagate HDD

Then I decided to buy a nice new case. Since summer is coming up and I wanted to improve airflow. Oh boy that was a mistake.

After putting the PC in the new case and applying new thermal paste. it would start all fans spin, give no bios. And the Dram + cpu light would flash.

Okay I cleared CMOS, checked if all power cables, RAM and GPU were seated correctly and tried again same issue. I disconnected everything not nescassery except CPU, mobo and Ram and tried again, same thing. Also tried different ram sticks in all different slots.

After that I double checked CPU pins, wich were fine and reseated the CPU. Again same issue starts running no bios. At this time issue to me was either CPU, Mobo or RAM.

I ordered a new motherboard Asus PRIME Z390-A. I build it outside of the case with CPU, RAM, new mobo and cpu cooling. Plus I connected the front panel connectors of my previous case. This time it won't even start running and inmidiatly shuts down, rgb lights on mobo keep working though. I tried again by building it into the new case, same issue.

Now I thought it was either CPU or RAM. I send back the CPU for warranty. The company told me they "tested" it and send me a new one factory sealed. With the new CPU the same issues keep happening on both the new motherboard and the old one. I also bought new ram and tried those. And tried old ram in different slots.

By this point the only part left was the PSU. I switched that one out for a new one (semi modular 750 watt cooler master) on the new motherboard and again it shuts down inmidiatly.

At this point I have tried basically everything. Checked pins several times, switched every cable and part that I could for a new one. Tried building in and outside case. I have been extremely careful and ground myself every step of the way.

I am running out of ideas here and basically tried everything possible.