Jan 14, 2017
So I just bought a used system from some one and they had it working at their house so when I took it home I took it apart and cleaned the hell out of it but I didn’t get water or alcohol on any other the things that couldn’t get it like the mother board or any thing but I put it all back together and I went to turn it on and all the fans spinner for a second and turned off every thing the cpu gpu power supply and case fans but they turn off after a second the mother board has the green power light illuminated and every thing so I decided to go buy a new psu but it’s still doing it so I remounted the cpu cooler and it’s still doing it nothing else is plugged in but the mother board and psu with two fans.

Mother board is a z87m gaming
Psu is a 600w evga or cx750m
Graphics card is 1070 pny or 760 MSI
500 mb hdd
Idk the psu cooler it’s enermax I use hydro coolers so idk what can cooler it is