Question PC on a verge of dying

Feb 24, 2019
The title may not make much of a sense but I want to share a little onview on what has gone through my pc,

Firstly, My pc was a windows 7 64bit built in 2016 with GIGABYTE Motherboard, its 2 years old and it was working all fine and such consequtively until where I am not sure this could be the main cause: one game that literally fried the hard drive.

So i have a total of 1.5TB harddrive and recently a game called as Apex Legends was announced and it was free so i've managed to get it, and it did had some microsoft visual C++ agreements to install so i agreed it and let it install, the game have installed and ive played abit of that game until the next day, the pc couldnt boot up for some reason so i had to go in recovery and restore the last configuration that worked, now the game was still there, but the origin(launcher) wasnt updated, now i would assume the last recovery removed something from origin launcher or such, but i installed it again just to see if that is the cause, so i did, the pc was working alright, until the next day, same error of the booting but this time i couldnt manage to restore it for some reason, i went to recovery mode and see if anything works, i tried sfc /scannow, chkdsk and all that but none of it worked, and i tried to open notepad through cmd and tried to look through the local disks, and i realized that the local disks arent on their places, the local disk C was replaced to E and so on to the other local disk basically scrambled, so i didnt had a choice but to get a usb iso and install windows 10, performing a hard reset and installing windows 10, so far it updated, got a fresh new windows 10, but it was a 2015 version so not much of things have worked.
I look at the updates and it says there is windows 1803 update available, but it kept saying there was a problem updating windows, please try again for like the 5th time, so i tried windows update assistant tool, it did tried to update but it wasnt a success, still stuck on the same old 2015, then i went for the Windows Media Create tool to install, and so far so good it managed to update successfully updated to 1809, so i wanted to try to install origin and apex legends again to see if it could cause the issue again, ive played the game today, but then somewhat some applications stopped working with an error of "side to side configuration incorrectly" i tried to do sfc /scannow and everytime at 18% it said that it could not perform this operation for some reason, so i wanted to boot it to safe mode so i had to open run cmd and type msconfig, but that also got affected with the side by side error.

I looked through help online to see on which other way to boot to safe mode and it was to hold shift and press restart, i did that but then all it showed was black screen, nothing else, at this point i had no clue on what to do, i went on to the recovery mode at windows 10 and checked files through there and what ya know, the same scramble local disks happened again, some are saying that my ssd or HDD is dying or such but i believe there is something in the game that caused this massive collusion on my machine, right now i am hard resetting again and won't gonna install that origin launcher neither the game and will keep on update on whats going on,

So my question here is, what exactly is this cause, is there something in the game that corrupts my machine or my harddrive is dying?

Sorry for my terrible English by the way,
Thank you so much for your time to read this.