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Question PC only boots after full strip and rebuild

Jul 7, 2020
hi all,

My pc won't turn on at all but after stripping most components out and putting them back it does. This issue only started a week or so ago and I've had the system for 5 years (specs at the end).

The first time this happened I lost all power and my mobo showed a blinking blue light which I believe is the troubleshooting light. My system lost all power and when I tried to reboot it would turn on for a second or so but then straight back off, this cycle would continue until the power button gave no response at all. I tried removing 1 of 2 ram sticks, gpu and other unnecessary items with no luck. Changed the CMOS battery as it needed doing anyway. Removed power cables from mobo as I was suspicious of the 2 x 4 pin connectors at the top left of the board. When rebuilt all works again for a full day. When leaving overnight, turned off but switched on at the wall socket, the system won't boot again.

PSU paperclip test works. Tried a screwdriver of the power button pins. Reseated CPU. Full strip down and rebuild.

Recent changes: upgraded from GTX 970 to (used) GTX 1080 last month. Upgraded from DDR3 2x4gb ram to DDR3 2x8gb ram last month. Added a second monitor last month.

This weekend I'm going to try powering on after each component is removed. I thought I'd post here to see if anyone could help first. I suspect a bad wire somewhere but I could be wrong. Thank you


Z97s Krait edition mobo (4 years old)
I7 4790k (4 years old)
2x8gb corsair vengeance ram 1888mhz (used, unknown)
650w PSU (used unknown)
Gtx 1080 (used unknown)
1 SSD and 2 hard drives
Network adapter
Audio card
H60 CPU cooler
2 monitors