Question PC only boots into BIOS after Windows update ?

Jun 18, 2022
I clicked on the "update and shutdown" option when turning off my PC and my computer began to restart to begin the updates. When restarting, a black screen appeared with text saying something along the lines of: "insert boot drive then press a key to continue". I only have one SSD. I had an issue like this before and all I had to do was unplug and replug the cables to my SSD, so I assumed that would be the same case.

I rebooted and tried replugging in my SSD a couple times, but it didn't work and showed the same black screen over and over again. Eventually, after a few reboots, my PC stopped showing that black screen and is now only booting up into to BIOS every time.

I found an article that said to check the ram, so after powering off my PC, I took one of the ram sticks out and put it back in the same spot. This time when it booted up, it went to the blue update screen and finished the updates from earlier then shut down. I powered it on again to check if it was finally working correctly, but now it only boots into BIOS. I checked the boot menu and it's showing up as "no drive detected".

Does anyone know what I can do? Or which customer support (ASRock motherboard, Samsung SSD) I should contact?

Aug 21, 2021
I had this same problem with a x470 MSI Gaming Plus Mobo. Anytime I made any changes that were drastic like Windows update ect. The Bios would change my SSD out of my Boot order. It would not detect it at all. I would have to go into Bios and reset my Boot order and or enable SSD. Every Time. I was told and read that an update should never mess with bios settings but it did for me.

I tried everything reccomended by lots of helpful people and never did fix the issue. It ended up being something I just did after an update because I knew it was gonna happen. I now have had 2 different motherboard after that and it doesn't happen anymore.

I would check and see if your boot order has changed and if your ssd is being detected first.
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