Question Pc only powering on sometimes?

Jan 29, 2021
Hello there :) I'm having quite a weird problem with my pc... I recently fixed a pc for someone and the day he received it he said that he could feel some static coming from the PSU. The system stopped working, and when turning it on it just goes into a power cycle with the components turning on and off for eternity. I began troubleshooting the pc and got down to the PSU and the motherboard. I eventually concluded that the PSU was faulty since the system booted after a couple of seconds of power cycling with a different PSU. So the situation stands now that yesterday I got the pc to work with a different PSU today tho the system went into power cycling again :-(

The troubleshooting I have made that didn't work:
  • Took out the ram that didn't change anything
  • Seated the GPU in a different PCI-E slot and tried posting without Igpu.
  • Unplugging everything else than the 4+4cpu pin and the 24 Pin.
  • Switching CPU cooler
  • Clearing CMOS
  • Giving a bit of time in the power cycling.
  • Doing the paperclip test on the PSU but the fan spun for only 5 seconds and then turned off.

My guesses of what's happening:
  • The static chock made the PSU and Motherboard act faulty.
  • My room is quite cold sometimes so the pc won't boot when it's cold in my room?
So in conclusion I'm just wondering why the System works sometimes...
Jan 29, 2021
The system components:
  • AMD Radeon hd 6950
  • I7 4690k
  • Coolermaster Evo 212
  • Z97-A ASUS
  • currently some random 500watt PSU, the original was a corsair rm850x
  • 500gb ssd
  • 1tb hdd
  • 32gb ddr3 1600mhz kingston