Question Pc opens and closes.


Dec 28, 2017
So i bought some New stuff,
Mobo msi mag z390 tomahawk
Cpu i7 7700
I saw that my Mobo support only 8th 9th gen so i got a New Mobo the asrock z170 pro4s retail that support 7th gen but still when i put everything up i press the button and as soon as the pc starts it closes again. I tried with another pcu and Ram but still same thing happens.
So i press the button it opens fans and leds open for 1-2 second then everything shuts off.
What wrong?
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The asrock Z170 pro4s does support the i7 7700, but only with 7.3 BIOS (see here). That BIOS was released in 2016, so you would think a new motherboard would have the newest BIOS (but you can't be sure). If you got the board used, then there is no way to be sure. If the BIOS is an older version, then you will have to put in an older CPU, update the BIOS, and then reinstall the i7 7700.

Still, before doing anything, I would reset the BIOS and see if that gets you going. You can find the description of the procedure on page 18 of your manual.
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